Friday, February 8, 2008

tangled up in blue

You like? It will look even better once I weave in the ends.

Inspired by the Thrifty Knitter's Stash Shawl and my ever increasing stash sprawl I decided to knit a blue shawl. Unfortunately, the process of following the pattern caused tangle upon tangle and so slow going.

Still it did a fine job eating some of my stash and I'm pleased with the results.

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Cupcake Porterhouse said...

Here's a tip for anyone else attempting (this came from a reader): put all the balls you're not knitting into a pantyhose leg, and if you want, you can pin the whole mess to the edge of your work. You'll want one pantyhose "bag" at either side. Then just pull out the ball you're using at the moment, and put it back in when you switch balls.

Wish I'd had that advice when I knit mine!